Tuesday, September 28

Loving Myself

During my parents' double birthday celebration last weekend, we scheduled a webchat with my cousins overseas who wanted to see my parents and other relatives. I heard the usual side remarks about my weight. But guess what? I wasn't affected at all. I'm now more confident about myself that I'm not at all affected when they tell me how fat I've become. Well, one cousin noticed how happy and confident my aura was and I'm glad that she made a compliment about that.

When you're like me who's struggling with weight issues almost half of my life, you'll definitely reach a point when you'll just give up and accept who you are. I've done a lot of dieting and some have worked while most have not. I took diet pills and drank slimming teas. Well, look at me now. I'm still as big as I can be.

A blogger friend of mine, Yapatoots of FatGirlNoMore.com, inspired me to "prettify" myself. So I went back to my kikay self and bought make-up, new clothes and shoes, and went back to a beauty routine I stopped doing eons ago. Well, it worked! No, it didn't make me thinner but it made me feel better about myself. I feel pretty everyday and as I get a little less anxious and depressed about how I look, I also started to shy away from emotional eating. I think with this this new state of mind, I can even join the other girls in jacuzzi tubs without even worrying whether I'll look like a whale shark around them.

I love myself. Nuff said.

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