Friday, March 20

2 Tips for Improving Self-Confidence

College graduation is just around the corner, and that means another nearly 3.9 million Americans will be moving on from university studies into the work force. Competition to gain employment is fierce, so how can a would-be worker stand out during the interview process? There are few qualities more noticeable and attractive to employers than self-confidence. Executives value individuals who believe in themselves, knowing that these employees are usually more productive, more pleasant and better able to motivate other staff members. The only problem for businesses is that confidence is in short supply; estimates suggest poor self-esteem plagues 85 percent of the population. Self-confidence is a learned behavior, however, so if you’re among those who could use a boost, here are a couple of tips to help you reach new heights.

Smile More

Smiling at others creates a chemical reaction in the brain that naturally makes an individual feel happy, confident and at ease. If dental issues have you feeling insecure about your appearance, however, take it upon yourself to follow strict oral hygiene protocol. In some cases, misaligned teeth are the root of the problem, in which case a professional tooth-straightening procedure may be in order. The Internet can help you find the provider you need when you enter a search for the best orthodontist near me south weymouth ma, or wherever you are located.

Dress for Success

Looking your best will help you to feel your best. Always wear clothes that are clean and pressed and avoid loose or ill-fitting garments. If you’re attending an interview, research the company beforehand and dress appropriately for the setting. Some organizations will require traditional business attire, while other companies may offer a more creative and colorful workspace where you can show off your personal style.
Believing in yourself opens the door for others to believe in you. There are many ways to become self-confident, but these tips will start you on the path to a better you.

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Friday, February 28

What's Your Life Verse

I originally posted this on my personal Facebook profile in June 16, 2017...

The day I turned 39 was the day I decided to finally start a #Bujo or a #BulletJournal. I'm still not sure whether it would finally work for me or not but, at this point, it sure is a good place to pour out my creative juices.

So anyway, in an effort to personalize my bujo, I thought of writing my life verse to remind me daily of who I am. Do you have a life verse? It's a Bible verse that speaks directly to you and touches you to the core. Mine is based on Psalms 139:14 and I tweaked it a bit to make it speak to me. It now says, "YOU ARE FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE."

Being raised in a typical Pinoy community that thinks labeling is funny, I grew up being #insecure of myself. I was convinced that, to the world, I was not good enough. I was not pretty enough. I was not fair-skinned enough. I was not smart enough. I was not rich enough. And I carried these lies until I became an adult.

Did you know that, even when I was already in The Feast family for 5 years now, I only came to realize my life verse weeks ago, on my 39th birthday? I was just pondering on how the past years were for me and this verse stood out while I was doing my Daily Devotion. IT WAS GOD WHO SPOKE TO ME. It was a virtual hug from the Lord telling me, "Hey, I MADE YOU. YOU ARE SPECIAL! YOU ARE LOVED!" And it was enough to make me realize that I am not who I thought I was all these years.

So, yeah...

Who says I'm not pretty enough?
Who says I'm not slim enough?
Who says I'm not smart enough?
Who says I'm not perfect enough?
My calligraphy sucks? LOL! I don't care anymore.

Yes, I'm flawed. But I know, I'M SUCH A BEAUTIFUL MESS! Because it's how my Father in heaven made me - fearfully and wonderfully.

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Dear Fellow Church Servant, This is For You

First, I would like to honor you for your passion to serve the Lord. As a fellow church servant, I would know that this is often a thankless job. Then again, I'm sure you also know that overwhelming peace and joy that you feel every time you serve. Ang sarap 'di ba? It's a feeling that's indescribable probably because it comes from Jesus' sweet embrace.

But we aren't perfect. We aren't ok every single day (yes, including Sundays). We get tired. We get sick. We get hurt. We get frustrated. And when any of these happens, we easily succumb to our frailty. We whine. We complain. We sin.

You know what? That's ok. Because we are humans. It's only by the grace of God that we get the courage and the strength to serve Him despite our frailty and imperfections. Take note, even those holding top positions in the church go through this. So, this isn't weird. You are perfectly normal.

Everytime you feel tired and frustrated, just remember Who you're doing all these for. It's not for your churchgoers. It's not for your church elders. It's only for Him alone.

And every time you go through this, don't feel bad. Acknowledge all your weaknesses and surrender your woes to God, our Father. Pray and worship even at your worst. Ask for help from your physical and spiritual family. And most of all, rest. Once you're ready, go back and serve.

I'll be praying for you. Pray for me, too.

Be blessed always!

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