Wednesday, September 29

The Diabetic Baker

In April this year, I bought my very first oven from my writing income. The following month, I enrolled myself in Heny Sison's culinary school to study the basics of baking. I really am a noob when it comes to baking because my mom didn't bake too. I'm glad I learned how to bake because it' fun and therapeutic at the same time. I can't eat sweets but I'm baking sweets for my loved ones!

I baked those cupcakes for my parents' 60th birthday celebration last weekend. I used the yellow cake recipe that we learned in baking class. Meanwhile, I found the recipe for the marshmallow fondant in the internet. I initially planned to buy gold coins made of chocolate as toppings for the cupcakes but they were too big. And besides, my boy thought that it was better to put golden chocolate coins for a 50th birthday cake.

So there, I'm now known as the diabetic baker in the family! I may not be able to eat them, but I'm sure happy looking at how pretty they turned out to be!

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