Monday, September 27

Cable's Back!

When you're using satellite cable, the rainy season is always a bad time. When the rainy season in the country started, I also started having problems with our cable signal. One unfortunate day in July, a sudden downpour coupled with thunderstorms completely affected our cable signal. Since our provider also switched satellites during that time and was supposedly providing free reorientation services to their subscribers, I was advised to just wait for my scheduled visit.

I waited but they never came. I finally found a cable technician/reseller near my area. I paid a thousand bucks because my satellite dish was transferred to a better location within our property. After that was done, I got my cable signal back. Now, my boy is enjoying his Spongebob Squarepants on Nickelodeon, my husband is watching movies again, and I am back to admiring modern office furniture in the lifestyle channel.

It took us 2 months before we got our cable signal back. If only I haven't trusted our provider's service people, we could have enjoyed uninterrupted cable signal.

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