Tuesday, August 10

Marielle is one lucky lady!

Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. I heard a song with that line. Indeed, ladies love diamonds especially when it is given by someone special. Actress and TV host, Marielle Rodriguez, is currently the talk of the town and the envy of most girls because of the diamond ring given to her by Robin Padilla, The diamond ring was said to be worth 1.2 million pesos!

I wasn't able to watch the eLive episode that everyone is talking about since I attended a blog event last weekend. But I was able to watch this video and, I must admit, I was swept away by the Bad Boy of Philippine Movies! Oh my, he does know the way to a lady's heart. Then again, 1.2 million pesos for just one diamond ring is too much.

Ms. Rodriguez, you are very pretty and very lucky to have a handsome and lavish suitor! Hay...

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