Tuesday, August 10

Clydie Turns 5!

My nephew, Clyde Lorenz, turned 5 yesterday. By the way, it's interesting to know that yesterday was 8/9/10 or August 9, 2010. I was surprised to see the little boy along with my siblings in my doorstep carrying a box of cake. What followed after was an impromptu birthday party of sorts.

2010-08-09 Clyde Bday LR

Fortunately, since it was a Monday and I did my grocery shopping during the weekend, my pantry was full and I was able to prepare some pasta and garlic bread in a jiffy. I had slabs of pork steak in the freezer but I wasn't able to grill some because my outdoor grill was a mess. I think I should check out some outdoor electric grills the next time I shop. It would make grilling less troublesome for sure.

After we had our pasta and cake, we let the birthday boy play the Wii and we had a videoke session right after. It was a great impromptu party but a little bit tiring on my end. But as you can see, the little boy was as happy as he can be so I didn't mind getting tired at all.

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