Wednesday, August 11

The Season for Sales

A couple more weeks and August will be over. I can't wait for September to start because by then, I'd be allowing myself to shop for Christmas gifts. Enterprising individuals and establishments realize that Filipinos are basically on the look out for the best buys this time of the year. Mall sales and other shop-till-you-drop schemes will definitely make shoppers go crazy.

I'm not really much into shopping but I do get interested to shop when Christmas season comes close. Usually, I start to buy gifts for the kids on my list and head over to the toy store or the bookstore. Then, I head over to the men's clothing section to find some interesting pieces for my brothers. I always give them clothes as gifts for Christmas. Gifts for the other men in my list, except my husband and son, come next. I always buy gifts for my boys a few days before Christmas because I want to keep them a secret as much as possible. As for the girls in my list, well, their gifts are always kikay stuff that I randomly find in bazaars.

Is your Christmas list ready? Prepare one now if you don't and take advantage of the sale season.

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