Friday, January 2

The Downside of Making New Year's Resolutions

See? I was right about not making my New Year's resolutions this year! Ha!

Personally, I decided not to make my set of resolutions this year primarily because I failed to accomplish what I set last year. That only made me end the year feeling depressed and feeling unworthy. Mind, the British mental health organization, shares the same predicament as mine.

The organization urges people to think positively about the year to come rather than making resolutions. Resolutions focus more on our problems and insecurities. So by the end of the year and we realize that we haven't accomplished the resolutions that we set, we just feel bad about ourselves.

I blamed myself for not doing the things that I required myself to do according to my 2008 New Year's resolutions. This bad feeling generally explained why I refused to go to my parents' house and see my paralyzed father. I just didn't want more depression to overcome my being. I danced and partied the night away to welcome the New Year. I can say that it gave me a more positive vibe. Just enough to make me see brighter days ahead.

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