Saturday, January 3

We Missed!

I had my period from December 28 - December 31 and it came at a record-breaking 42-day cycle! I did not induce it with medications that's why it came as a surprise. The last cycle I had lasted for 57 days, by the way.

This morning, as instructed by my doctor, I went to The New Medical City to have a transvaginal ultrasound. The best time to have a clear picture of my ovaries is just right after my menstrual period. I have had transvaginal ultrasound procedures done on me yearly because of my condition and this is the worst I have had so far.

My past ultrasound procedures were done inside my doctors' clinics but, this time around, I had to go to the Women's Health Center of the hospital. I felt uncomfortable because there were three female doctors present inside the ultrasound room. The doctor nearest me who appeared to be the most senior of the three, introduced themselves to me before starting the procedure. I already know what to do because, as I said, I have done this every year since I got pregnant with Rap. The senior doctor was instructing the two others while she held the instrument inside me. All the while she was explaining what they are seeing on the monitor. To add to my dismay, she even asked one of the doctors to hold the instrument and started to teach her how to use it. I remember her saying "up, down, right, left" and I felt like a lab rat being studied upon. I felt violated that I stormed out of the ultrasound room and demanded for the results to be printed out at once. I said that I can't afford to wait another 3 hours for the results and I will be calling my health service provider if they don't give it to me ASAP. From there, I went straight to the Medical City Satellite Clinic at Robinson's Cainta to have my results interpreted.

The doctor who saw me instantly became my angel for the day. Dr. Castro was very accommodating and friendly. She explained the results with detail and even told me to be happy with them. From her I learned that my ovaries are starting to ovulate on their own. Probably because of the Metformin that I have been religiously taking since the start of 2008. I can't remember the technical term that she called the black round spot that was present in my left ovary but she told me that it was a good sign because it only showed that the egg cells are starting to grow instead of remaining to be follicles. They needed to grow to be capable of fertilizaton. She advised me to just continue with my Metformin treatment and we will just observe for a few more months to see if the lenght of my menstrual cycles decrease and become closer to 28 days.

Since I got my period a few days after Christmas, she told me that it only meant that we missed the time of my ovulation! Sayang! It was supposed to be my chance to get pregnant. I won't lose hope though. She taught me a technique that I can't write about here because my image is wholesome! LOL!

As to the pain that I have written about weeks ago, she told me that it could me just my right ovary acting up because it wasn't able to produce a ripe egg during my last cycle. If it was appendicitis, I should be having fever, nausea, and vomiting which are signs of an infection. If it was my colon that's causing the pain, I should be having problems with my bowel movements right now.

So there. Another thing to be happy about this year. The future looks bright and we're getting closer to our Project Baby #2! Woot!

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