Thursday, January 1

A Cool Change For 2009!

I certainly did not care to follow Filipino New Year's Eve traditions this 2009. I needed a clean break. (Naks, sounds so Edward Cullen 'no? LOL!) I urged my husband to give in to my desire to attend the New Year's Eve Countdown at Eastwood City Central Plaza. I was so thankful that my uber cool mother-in-law was so happy with the idea. We both wanted to dance the night away and watch some bands perform. So we did not bother to prepare food or even round fruits to set on our table. We dropped the firecrackers that my father-in-law gave us to my sister's place for them to light up. We just got ready late in the afternoon, locked the doors and windows of our home, and drove off to Eastwood City, Libis. Thankfully, we did not go home disappointed.

It's our first time to have a Western New Year's Eve celebration. Don't Westerners welcome New Year's Eve this way? We all found it more enjoyable and practical. We spent a little below Php 2,000 for all the food and entertainment that we enjoyed that night.

We arrived at the Central Plaza around 6:30 in the evening. The party was supposed to start at 7 pm so we were just in time. Luckily, we were able to find good seats at Fazoli's fronting the stage. The mood was festive and jolly. Mime artists, superhero impersonators, and men on stilts roam the plaza. It was drizzling now and then but the weather failed to dampen our excited spirits.

Ginger Conejero of ABS-CBN's TV Patrol was on site to cover the event. Ralph kept on checking TV Patrol on my TV phone hoping to see us on TV. He was jumping with joy when he saw us along with the other people in the place.

Three bands were scheduled to perform that night. Urban Nation started the party with popular R&B songs. I kept on grooving to their music because most of the songs in their repertoire are my favorites. Rap also enjoyed them and even said that they're good.

Amber Davis was next to perform. She sang mostly pop and R&B and I was amazed on her singing prowess. She sang her rendition of "Listen" by Beyonce and I can say that she's really good.

A ledge dancer dressed up as an angel.

The last band to perform that night was The Rage Band. Their repertoire were pop, rock, and new wave songs of the 80s. The crowd went wild probably because of the songs and the excitement since we were only minutes away from 2009.

I can't describe the euphoria that I felt while we were all counting down the seconds from 15 to 1. And as everyone shouted "Happy New Year!", fireworks light up the sky, confetti was showered, and we were hugging each other with happy smiles on our faces.

I regret that I failed to bring our handycam last night but I do not regret that we spent a different New Year's Eve this year. It was practical, enjoyable, and totally fun!

How was your New Year's Eve celebration? Was it as unorthodox as ours? I'm excite to read all about it.

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