Monday, September 15

When Was The Last Time You Had A Real Good Laugh?

I had one last night.

My bedroom's facing the afternoon sun. Naturally, when afternoons are sunny and hot, the room is transformed into a big oven with its hot walls. We had that kind of afternoon yesterday so we had the airconditioner running the whole afternoon in our room while my boys took a nap. I thought that it helped cool down the bedroom walls and we would not need the airconditioner at night. My husband thought otherwise.

Lights are out and we were already lying down when he thought of turning the airconditioner on. He groped for the lamp's switch but apparently it wasn't plugged in. I volunteered to use my phone's light so he could see the switch of the airconditioner. I reached underneath my pillow, where I usually place my phone, but I failed to find it. I go: "Teka, ilawan mo muna ako para makita ko yung cellphone ko." I can imagine my husband's puzzled look even in the dark. I suddenly remembered that it was me who was supposed to provide the light! Silly me! I was laughing my heart out that I can't even remember how I fell asleep.

Hay! Simple things make me laugh all the way. How about you?

2 sweet comments:

Kiko said...

its been a while since i have had a good laugh. mostly its just been smiles. like when i read this post. :)

Chateau said...

hahaha, that was funny.

I try to laugh as often as I can. My kids make me laugh, esp V. Sometimes she is just toooo funny.