Sunday, September 14

Smart Money na Me!

The last time I blogged about wireless money transfer was about my experience in using Globe's G-cash service. Recently, I applied for a Smart Money card after I saw the TVC showing Bea Alonzo paying the salon with her card. Coolness! I found it convenient, too!

I have been using a Smart Buddy 32k sim for more than 5 years before I was advised to get a Super Sim recently. I remember that my old sim came with a Smart Money card that I activated instantly. During that time, using the card was not convenient yet. For one, it was only through the Smart Wireless Center's cashier can a subscriber make a cash-in transaction. The card was also made of cardboard and it's sole purpose, then, was just to represent the subscriber's electronic account. I neglected my old Smart Money account and totally forgot my M-Pin. The Customer Service officer at Smart Wireless Center in Sta. Lucia East advised me to get a new Super Sim because the old sim didn't even have a Smart Money menu installed.

Out of my desire to get a Smart Money card, I bought a Super sim and applied for the card online. after a few days, a representative called me up and verified some of the information I have given in the online application. I was also asked to indicate the branch where they would deliver my card. I was advised to wait for their confirmation message of the date when my card will be available for pick-up. I got the message a little after a week and picked-up the card at the Sta. Lucia East branch. I activated the card by calling Smart Money's phone hotline and the card was ready to use in 3 days time.

Yesterday was my first time to deposit cash in my account. I did not line up for the cashier and wet straight to the Smart Load Connect machine by the doorway. It was just like making a regular ATM deposit. I checked my balance through SMS and the amount was reflected right away.

I think that I will be using Smart Money more often than G-Cash in making wireless money transfers. It's more convenient for me since I go to Sta. Lucia East every weekend for Rap's taekwondo class. Depositing is also a breeze. In making a G-cash cash-in transaction, I fill up a form, show an ID that the guard photocopies, and wait for my number to be accommodated by the cashier. If I want to do a G-cash cash-in transaction elsewhere, I would need to pay and addition 10-20% of the amount I would be depositing. I also pay that even in transferring funds from my BPI account to my G-cash wallet. Smart Money gives me two options: to deposit in a Smart Wireless Center or to a BDO branch nearest my location. Depositing in BDO is also service charge free.

I guess Smart was able to put two steps forward and left Globe behind in terms of e-money technology. If they could also provide G-cash subscribers with an ATM card and more convenient banking options, then I would be able to think twice on which service to use. Why don't they tie-up with BPI like what Smart did with BDO? BPI's part of the Ayala Group of Companies so I don't think that there would be major problems at all.

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