Wednesday, March 26


Ralph and I were riding the jeep that will take us home. Tomorrow, we are expecting our brand new Hyundai Tucson to be delivered. We're so ecstatic about it. Ralph was excited about me driving the Honda City and Daddy taking the brand new car to work. We were in Cloud Nine.

Traffic made our jeep stop in the middle of the bridge crossing Floodway. The East Bank and West Bank of Floodway is crowded with shanties. That day, the shanties by the East Bank were demolished. There was a woman beside me who commented that they used to live there. This morning was the last time they saw their house still standing up. The woman was teary-eyed, she was with two girls whom I estimate to be 4 and 13 years of age. They were carrying plastic bags that appeared to be the bags that carried their whole belongings. She looked at me and probably saw the pity that my eyes showed. She said, "Di bale na, may Diyos naman." I looked away, never knowing what to say. I didn't want to meet her gaze.

From Cloud Nine I was sent back to the earth where I stood a few minutes ago. Are they to blame for being poor? But is it our fault that we are financially secure?

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