Monday, March 17

Driving School Day 1

This is it! I really have to learn how to drive na. Well, actually I know how but I can't put it into action smoothly. I enrolled in Socialites for a 10-hour lesson last week. Last Saturday, I attended the Orientation Seminar and this morning was my first actual driving lesson.

My instructor gave me a short lecture about starting the car and making it move from 1st gear. It took some time before I was able to steady the gas and release the clutch slowly. (Kawawang kotse, hindi lang nila alam na nasunog ko na ang clutch ng dati naming Toyota! Hehehe! Shhh!) After some time, we're already cruising Ortigas Ave. Ext. and he told me to shift to second gear. We took a right turn to Life Homes, down the Floodway Bridge, and took the east side of Floodway to Taytay. Everything went smoothly here. I learned how to slow the car down to a full stop (Swabe ha, not unlike the jeepney drivers who just stop keber na magtalsikan ang mga sakay nila sa likod!) Hay, medyo panic mode ang lola niyo kasi nakakaloka looking every 3 seconds sa rearview mirrors. Puro trucks ang kasabayan namin, malditong instructor ko talaga!

So from there we took the road to SM Taytay. The road past SM Taytay back to Cainta is somehow uphill. Panic mode: medyo hanging na kasi. Ayun na nga, ilang beses ako namatayan ng makina. Natatawa na ang instructor ko eh, maldito talaga. But it was a worthwhile experience, because at least I experienced that with an instructor and not all by myself. Yun pa naman ang route ko to and from work. Tsk tsk tsk... kailangang ma-master ito.

We took the road leading to the town centers of Taytay and Cainta. Hay, traffic naman. Sakit na left leg ko, kaka-Clutch, Break, chuva. Kaya pala mainit ang ulo ni Dadijun pag traffic. Masakit pala talaga sa katawan. Inside Marick Subdivision, I learned how to deal with eskinitas and humps. I have to practice more in making turns. Pag hindi na kasi wide ang daan malaking problema na sa akin. But, hey, it was my first day so give me a break!

Tomorrow is another 2-hour driving lesson until Wednesday. Hope my instructor still has the patience and sense of humor that he had with me today. I'll be driving independently before I turn 30! That's a promise!

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