Saturday, April 5

E-Loading Business for as low as Php1,300 initial investment!

Be an Iconex Dealer/Retailer (

* Sell E-load (ALL Networks!) and Prepaid Call Cards(ALL Networks!),
Phone Cards, Internet Surfing and Gaming Cards, Vote Cards, Review Cards and Utility Cards.

* No need to buy separate retailer sims as with the traditional e-loading business. Use your existing Cellphone number.

* No need to buy separate cellphones for loading. Gastos pa ito. Use your existing phone!

* Profit is still at 12-13% as with traditional loading business.

* Buy Load Wallet by depositing thru Metrobank, Banco de Oro, Union Bank, and Bank of Commerce. Or you can buy using your Smart Money or G-Cash credits. You will be spared from the hassle of going to your dealer in person to buy Load Wallet.

* Powered by Load Central. Iconex is the marketing arm of Load Central. Visit http://www.loadcent products. html for the list of products that you can offer. Webtools available so you can sell e-load and check stocks thru the internet. E-load selling is sent thru vanity number 2948 unlike other e-loading businesses (like Wi-max) kaya hindi nali-late ang pag-receive ng load ng customer!

For those interested in being retailers:

Initial investment for retailer is only Php 300 for the registration fee and initial Load Wallet of Php 1,000.

For those interested in being dealers:

Initial investment for retailer is only Php 12,999 inclusive of 50 retailer
cards, sales paraphernalia. As dealer, you can sell all products of
Load Central to your Retailers and enjoy 2% override profit from their
individual sales. There is also an online tool so you can monitor your
sales thru the internet. Earn additional profit by registering dealers
under your account.

Leave your email address or contact number to this post so I can assist you.

I have been in the E-loading Business for a year now. Medyo hassle ang pagkakaroon ng 3 separate retailer sims for Smart, Globe, and Sun loading. Kaya nakita ko ang convenience ng Iconex. Mas dumami pa ang products ko. This is perfect even for those of you who do not have a store. Kahit sa bahay lang, classmates o sa mga ka-officemates lang pwede na.

So what are you waiting for? Be an Iconex Dealer/Retailer now! :)

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