Friday, December 8

Do They Know Its Christmas?

I'm done with my Christmas shopping as early as the last week of November. I wrapped the gifts and neatly tucked them under the Christmas tree. The first morning of December, I received text messages from Ate Cel in Naga City about the damages Typhoon Reming brought them. They are still lucky that the canopy in the front yard was the only part of the roof damaged and not the roof of the entire house. She also informed us that the vinyl window covers of the multicab were ripped. Up to this day, they still do not have electricity. They are already expecting their worst Christmas to date. It will be indeed a Black Christmas.

I've been convincing them to spend Christmas here in Makati with us as they have last year. She insisted on staying there. She has been depressed lately and its taking its toll on her health. Even a short travel to the city's centro makes her suffer from shortness of breath. I tell Daddyjun that its all psychological. The more she needs to be here in Manila to relax. She can't relax in Naga with all the damages of the typhoon evident. I'm still convincing her and the whole family to come over. I wish that the children be spared from experiencing a sad Christmas. Mama rushed to Naga last Wednesday to help them. We extended financial help.

The same day, I watched the news about the mudflow in Albay and panic struck me. I got relatives is Daraga and Guinobatan. We spent our summer vacations there when we were still kids. The last time I visited the place was when my Lola died. I wish they're safe. I still haven't heard from my aunts and cousins yet.

Last night, I went to the wake of Mel's dad. She narrated how his dad spent his last minutes of life in the ICU. She told me how she wished so hard that he would go after Christmas. Not last Tuesday. Makalipas man lang daw sana ang Pasko. I felt sad for her.

I was listening to my RX 93.1 while doing my daily morning brisk walk. I exercise regularly now. I already lost ten pounds since Nov. 23. But I will share these details on a separate post.

Anyway, back to the radio. Chico and Delamar played "Do They Know It's Christmas" and it got me thinking about so many things. I've been busy lately with errands like shopping and wrapping gifts and organizing our family reunions (both my mom's and dad's side of the family). I decorated my house early. Tried to spread the Christmas cheer at home. Even Daddyjun's so happy he can now afford a long vacation break so we can attend the Simbang Gabi and visit Policarpio Street and the COD Christmas display in Virra Mall. Rap is so excited about what he will be receiving from Santa. From tonight, I'll be busy attending Christmas parties here and there. We know it's Christmas. But what about the survivors in Bicol and Marinduque? What about Mel?

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