Wednesday, November 29

Having a Bad Day

I feel so stressed out. Been having an emotional rollercoaster lately. Maybe its from the hormone theraphy I'm forced to undergo to cure my PCOS that I blogged about earlier. I'm having a hard time sleeping. I just want to have a break. I can't write about what's bugging me particularly these days. Somebody from the family might be able to read it. I want to keep it a secret between me and Daddy Jun. I'll tell him about it today. I don't care if he thinks I'm being bitchy. Ubos na ang pasensya ko. Said na said na. I am really pissed off!

My mom's adding to my stress. Imagine, she's Hermana Mayor in our village fiesta and she's ordering me to go there and help them cook! Ordered ha, not asked! As if naman I don't have a household to run and a child to send to school every @#$%$%$ day! Hay naku. I'm hurt. Kapag ako ang may kailangan hindi ko naman din sila maasahan. Buntot ko hila ko. Now she's torturing me with all this ingrata drama of hers. Eh bakit siya nag-Hermana hindi naman pala kaya!

Got to take a deep breath inside the shower NOW. Yep, that place has been my only private nook lately. Shit!

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