Friday, November 17

Casino Royale

Rap had football practice yesterday and since it was also Daddyjun's rest day, I obliged him to go to school with us. We had less than four hours to kill before Rap finished his class and we decided to watch Casino Royale. We weren't planning on watching that movie but it was that or "Wag Kang Lilingon". Between the two, Casino Royale was more worth the 110 bucks.

I'm not really a huge 007 fan. Ate France was the one who introduced me to Ian Fleming's gorgeous killing machine. I think I've watched only three or four Bond movies in the past. I would say that Daniel Craig would be the most "human" James Bond I've ever seen.

Bond is shown in Casino Royale as a spy struggling on his first mission. The flick showed Bond's soft side with long romantic scenes with Vesper Lynd. Bond also gets battered all throughout the film. Not to mention the "testes whacking" torture scene. Bond was also shown making mistakes in judgement during the poker game with his target Le Chiffre. I enjoyed the movie because I've seen a realistic James Bond. He really got beaten up and dirty. In the past Bond flicks I've seen, Pierce Brosnan still looked handsome and slick even after having a brawl. With Daniel Craig's Bond, maaawa ka talaga! Before the movie was shown, critics have written about him being not so handsome enough to be James Bond. I beg to disagree. His puppy eyes just made my heart melt!

No fancy gadgets were introduced in the movie. It somehow disappointed me since I was looking forward to the new gadgets that they will assign to the new 007. The OST was totally forgettable too. I would have loved another female diva sing the latest offering's OST.

Daniel Craig will be back I'm sure. The movie ended with him as a cold-hearted James Bond who has learned his lesson during his first mission. He met with a Mr. White who got his hundred million dollar winnings from Casino Royale.

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