Wednesday, October 18

Our Home (by next year)

We'll be moving out next year from our apartment to our new home. We opted not to take a condo unit near Makati. For one, it's expensive and small. We were able to find a house and lot at the back of Robinson's Cainta. It's cheaper and bigger at 100 sq. m. Just enough for the four of us and our furnitures.

Some of Daddyjun's officemates tell us of the awful traffic in that place. I'm not surprised at all. I'm a Cainta girl. Although Greenwoods would be nearer, though. We decided that we can't get a bargain like this anywhere near the Metro. At the same price we'll be paying, we would be getting a house and lot in Laguna. Both routes are traffic, but at least we wouldn't pay the expensive toll fee at the SLEX. Plus, phone calls wouldn't be long distance.

Rap will be transferring to a new school that will be nearer to the place. Daddyjun and I are eyeing Lourdes School Mandaluyong. Rap wants a school that has a football field. He wants to continue playing football.

This will be our future home. Construction will be done by March or April.

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DigiscrapMom said...

Congratulations on the new home :)

MommyBa said...

Congratulations on the new home :)