Friday, October 20

Got hit by the flu... but still blogging

It's the first time in years since the flu struck me. The last time I got the bug was way back in grade school. I may be diabetic but I'm a toughie when it comes to influenza. Yesterday was a different story.

Wednesday, I got a runny nose and started to sneeze nonstop (no joking!). I thought it was just an allergic to reaction that I get so often nowadays since we moved here in Makati. I cleaned our room and dusted everything. I took a bath afterwards. This always works every time I get allergic rhinitis. But to no avail. I spent the whole afternoon napping while I let CJ play Neopets. That night, I started to take cold medications, ascorbic acid, and lots of water.

I woke up Thursday morning feeling a little bit better. So I thought. I prepared Daddyjun's lunch bag as usual. Made him breakfast. As soon as he left for work I decided to change the sheets. I thought that the week-long bed sheets may be the culprit. I changed ours and Rap's bedsheets, cleaned the room (again ), and sprayed some anti-dust mite spray on the beds and curtains. By noon I felt the pangs of headache. By mid-afternoon I was already hot with temperature of 39 Celsius. CJ was the only one with me in the house. Mama was doing some grocery shopping and Rap and Junin were still in school. I slept and waited for them instead. When Junin and Rap finally arrived, I asked him to get some medicines for me. He gave me some Bioflu, water and ascorbic acid. He offered to cook some hot noodle soup. I was feeling really dizzy at this time. My joints were aching and my legs were shaking every time I stood up. I was worried that I might not be able to be well enough for Rap's game on Saturday. They are having their football quarter finals at the Ateneo. I conditioned myself that I have to be well ASAP.

Junin brought the noodle soup in a bowl up to our bedroom. I pulled myself together and finished everything up. I wasn't able to taste and smell any of it, though. But the warmth that I felt in my throat was soooo gooood! By the time the soup was gone, I was sweating all over. And I felt well afterwards. I still stayed in bed until 8pm just in time for Daddyjun's arrival from the office and our dinner. My legs were not shaking anymore and my head started to feel okay.

Today, I'm feeling better. I still have a stuffed nose and I have a nasty cough that made my voice raspy. I even went with Daddyjun to get the car tuned up and did some groceries. And of course, the body may be weak but my blogging spirit ain't gonna rest.

Note to self

Here are the lessons I have learned:

First, I should always take my daily dose of Vitamin C. I have a bottle of ascorbic acid in the medicine box but I only take it when I feel the early onsets of colds and cough. An ounce of prevention is still worth more than a pound of cure;

Second, I must not push myself to the limit. I should have asked Junin to change the sheets instead but I don't want to look lazy in the eyes of my mother in law. I may be in-charge of changing our bedsheet but yesterday was an exception; and

Lastly, I should have taken flu medications as soon as I felt it.


Just a thought...

I may have contracted the virus when I went to the NBI office in Carriedo last Monday. I had to claim my clearance and there were lots of people. Not to mention the pollution I was exposed to riding the jeepney from Makati to Sta. Cruz.

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DigiscrapMom said...

I've had the cold since I got back. Pollution here is really crazy!

Chicken soup would be very good for you :)

*hugs* feel better soon sweetie!