Thursday, October 5

Burned Out

Someone close to me is suffering psychologically. We have recently discovered that what's making her sick is not because of her physical weaknesses but of psychological stress.

I'm sad because I consider this someone as a pillar of strength. All along, as it turned out lately, she was just letting us see a happy face. I'm sad because I see the kids suffering, too. They're coping in their own way. I had a recent talk with the older child(who is just thirteen) and she tells me everything she can think of telling me. She needs someone to talk to. The younger one is still absorbed with his cards and his friends. The husband is kind and gentle. He also helps in the household chores. His only fault is that he can't financially provide more for his family.

How does a mother become so depressed and unfulfilled?

When one is young, restless, and in love, one cannot see the bigger picture. The time comes when one realizes that, yes, love, ALONE, doesn't make the world go round. Marriage is not made up of love ALONE but also of bills, bills, and some more bills.

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