Wednesday, September 20


Kinda felt this way yesterday.

I had to pay my tuition fee for next semester at PNB-Evangelista yesterday. We had so many errands for the day which included bringing Rap to school and Daddyjun's check-up with his urologist.

We decided to leave early with Rap, around ten in the morning. after our late breakfast. We went to the clinic's laboratory first so Daddyjun can give his urine sample so the result will be ready by the time his doctor's in. It takes an hour before we can get the result.

Off we went to Evangelista after the lab. It was already 11am and Rap had to be in school by 12 noon. So, we decided that Daddyjun stay with Rap at the nearby McDo so he can take his lunch there while I go to the bank and pay my tutition fee.

It took me an hour before I finally paid my fees. I don't know what's bugging the PNB people in this branch. In Sta. Rosa and Los BaƱos, I only had to fill up 3 regular deposit slips, write the account name and number of UPOU, indicate my name and student number in the slip, and pay it. Yesterday, I had to rewrite everything in a bills payment slip. I insisted that that was the first time I'd do that (and told the teller I'd kill him if the slip is not accepted by the learning center, hehehe).

Back at Mc Donald's, Rap was almost done with his lunch. They were seated by the window. Outside the window, there was an old woman sitting on the pavement. It was a pitiful sight, I tell you. I never felt guilty all my life. There I was with my family eating Chicken Mc Do and french fries and the old lady was staring at us like she was begging for mercy. I asked Daddyjun to buy something for her and he bought her a burger mc do meal.

We asked Rap to give the food to the old woman. The old lady smiled and thanked Rap with all her heart. As we went back to the car, I took a glimpse of her carefully unpacking her burger and smelling it first before she took a small bite. I almost cried. All of a sudden, I remember my Lola eating balut! Questions flooded my mind: Does she have children? Does she have grandchildren? Why isn't somebody taking care of her? She was not begging for money so I was convinced that she's not with a syndicate. It seemed that she just didn't have anywhere to go.

I regret not having more time to talk to her and ask her my questions. We had to go back to the doctor's office after sending Rap to school, do some grocery shopping, fetch Rap, and bring him to his soccer practice. I know the meal we gave her is just temporary. Something long term should be done to help her. I wish we could have done something more.

I was happy that after all the bad things I've done all my life, I get to do something good and even showed our son how to do it. I felt sad because this was not enough.

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