Friday, September 8

Our Family Tree

Haay, I've been busy lately. Not with my studies but with our family tree. Almost two years ago, the Tordecillas Family had a small gathering in my Lola Encar's place in Muntinlupa. (Lola Encar is my Lolo Mandoy's sister. Lolo Mandoy is my grandfather.) The oldies planned a grand reunion in Aklan on March 2007. I don't know if it would be in Makato or Boracay.

I started our family's e-group, Pamilya Tordecillas, in June of 2005. A year after, I made up our Pamilya Tordecillas friendster site to reach out to more relatives. Now, the e-group and the friendster site is growing.

I have also taken the task of becoming our family historian, at least for my immediate relatives. I set up our family tree in . Now, I'm searching for long-lost relatives through the net.

Our clan is big but it is not hard to search for relatives. My lola told me back then that if the "Tordecillas" has a "c" in it and not "s" as in "Tordesillas" they are probably my grandfather's closest kin. She said that our ancestors changed the letter "s" to "c" to avoid being caught by the Japanese during the war or something like that.

So, maybe you know someone who might be our relative. Please let me know. Or maybe you can refer them to these links:
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