Friday, September 22

Off to our Maogmang Lugar!

It's time we have a vacation, even if it's a terribly short one!

We're going home tonight, on board a Philtranco Gold Service bus from Pasay, to Naga City. It has been more than a year since we've last been there. We'll only be staying until Monday night when our butts will be riding the bus again back to Manila. Rap has to be absent for a day.

It's the nth time that I missed the Pe├▒afrancia festival. It's the second time we'll be going home a week after the fest! Daddyjun has this perpetual allergy to traffic that's why. The streets of Naga City become overcrowded during the festival week. The last time I attended a Pe├▒afrancia festival was when I was just six or seven years old! Daddyjun talaga, Kill Joy! He has an excuse this year, though. He was still on duty last week. O sige na nga, forgiven na. I need to get a Mazapan de Pili once we get there to help me forget. Hehehehe.

I'm planning to make a travel blog when we get back. Syempre I'll post everything here. O sya! Have to get our bags packed na!

Out in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Babush!

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