Friday, December 14


My son performed with the school choir in Oakwood Premier Joy Nostalg last night. We were so happy with this year's Christmas caroling because the boys showed great improvement in their singing. Well, I still have to process the videos before I can upload it here.

For the meantime, I'd like to share the Meow video I recently watched on YouTube not because the boys in my son's choir sang that but because I find it so amusing.

Come to think of it, you get to appreciate the beauty of the music and the voices when the lyrics make no sense. I also realized this last night when the older boys sang a Nigerian Christmas carol. By the way, the boys sang mostly in a capella
and the only accompaniment was the piano played by the choirmaster (no guitar like the monster pro 2500 at guitar center.

Were you also entertained by the Meow video?
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