Friday, November 9

Regular blood glucose monitoring can improve blood sugar levels in Type 2 Diabetics

Happy Diabetes Awareness Month!

It's less than two weeks to go before World Diabetes Day which is happening on November 14 and more and more people are becoming aware about diabetes. I really hope each diabetic gets diagnosed as early as possible because early diabetes management can make a difference.
Part of an effective diabetes management plan is regular blood sugar testing. In fact,f in a study published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics' publication (both print and online), regular blood sugar testing is linked to improved A1C levels and greater adherence to medication in type 2 diabetics who do not take insulin. You can view the abstract of the study here:

This study also found that patients who tested their blood glucose were more likely to take their diabetes medication as prescribed than patients who didn’t test (49.9% vs. 38.2%, respectively). Again, testing frequency was a factor, with 64.1% of patients who tested at least once a day being adherent to their medications compared to less than 50% of those testing less frequently.

Personally, I believe that regular testing increases my awareness of my health and I become more obliged to take my medications, go an a diet, and exercise. So far, my blood sugar tests are showing good results.

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