Wednesday, November 14

Happy World Diabetes Day!

November 14 is World Diabetes Day and this big event is celebrated every year. From 2009-2013, World Diabetes Day focuses on diabetes education and prevention which calls for understanding diabetes and proper diabetes care management not only by diabetics but also by their doctors, loved ones, friends, and their country leaders.

World Diabetes Day 2012 carries the theme. "Diabetes: Protect our Future." Basically, this year's celebration gives special focus on children and young people as vital movers of the campaign against diabetes. Young people are educated on the warning signs and risk factors for diabetes. They are also reminded of the fact that healthy eating and regular exercise and physical activity can prevent Type 2 diabetes.

The three key messages of the campaign are:

  • Access to essential education for everyone.
  • The way we live is putting our health at risk.
  • People with diabetes face stigma and discrimination.


I find this year's theme very relevant. I come from a family of diabetics, mostly Type 2 diabetics at that. If only I was made more aware of the condition when I was younger, I think there could be a chance that this blog would not be what it is now because I may be diabetes-free.

There's no use crying over what might have been. As a mother to a young adolescent, I know that it's my duty to educate him about diabetes. So far, I think I'm doing good as my boy has been very obedient lately in lessening sweets and white rice and he's also taking in more fiber through leafy vegetables and C-Lium Fibre. He's also become conscious of his weight and has lost a lot since this summer. He joins me in dancing once in a while (which reminds me to look for flat panel stands for our TV so we could have more dancing space) and asked us last week if we could install a basketball ring for him so he can practice shooting on weekends.

Let's unite in spreading awareness of diabetes throughout the world. It could be as simple as reminding people in your household to eat healthier food or to exercise more often. If you have a diabetic loved one, kindly remind him to test his blood sugar regularly. Together, we can help the world be diabetes-free!

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