Friday, October 26

Insulin resistance brought about by lack of sleep

We freelancers work as hard as those employed in companies. I even believe that we work doubly hard to keep up with our deadlines and that means staying up until the wee hours of the morning. You know, as much as I would want to earn more money from my freelance jobs, I now make not to accept jobs that would require me to work late nights. Lack of sleep increases insulin resistance which Is the exact opposite of my diabetes management goals.

Insulin resistance (pre-diabetes) happens when the body does not respond well to insulin which helps it to process sugars. Insulin resistance in diabetics is the reason why there has a high amount of sugar in the blood. A study conducted by Josiane Broussard, PhD in University of Chicago concluded that after just 14 hours of sleep restriction (four nights of 3.5 hours of sleep), fat tissue samples taken from participants of the study closely resembled to that of diabetics. "For long-term health, you must protect your sleep," Broussard says.

So now, I say good night because it's already 10pm. I'm going to have a long day tomorrow and will go out to find some fab tab top curtains.


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