Tuesday, August 7

Week 2 of losing more to live more

One week has already gone by from the first day I started my weight loss journey with C-Lium Fibre. It hasn't been that easy because sleeping in and not exercising has already become a tough habit to break. My initial lab test results really forced me to do something about my weight. I don't want to die of a heart attack! (For those of you who were able to read about my initial laboratory results, you can do so by clicking HERE.)

Food and exercise diary

The past seven days, I did an hour of Zumba to exercise. My husband and I also walk and jog in the morning when it's not raining. Apart from the daily exercise, I also closely monitored my calorie intake. I make sure that I have enough fiber in every meal. Sometimes, I get to take C-Lium Fibre twice a day when I eat food that's been cooked in oil.

The Food and Nutrition Institute of the Department of Science and Technology recommends taking at least 20 to 25 grams a day. Lack of fiber not only causes digestion problems but also increases the risk of intestinal bleeding, coronary heart disease, and diabetes. One teaspoon of C-Lium Fibre is already equivalent to 14 tablespoons of insoluble fiber from oats and cereals.

I believe C-Lium Fibre has helped me maintain my blood sugar level in the healthy level. My blood sugar level 2 hours before I took my lunch on Day 1 of this challenge was 9.4 mmol/l. Third day into the challenge and it was down to 5.6 mmol/l. (I'm targeting a 4!)

Meanwhile, my blood pressure on Day 1 was 150/89. As of this writing, it's 129/91. I test my blood sugar level and measure my blood pressure at the same time everyday because I'm monitoring the changes. The weighing scale did not show any change but I lost 2 inches off my waistline. Also, my menstrual period finally arrived after close to 4 months of waiting. Take note, I did not induce it with medications.

I know I still have a long way to go to reach my goal. It may even take me 10 months to get rid of the 73 lbs I need to lose. So far, I'm so happy with the numbers!

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Ning Buning said...

wow this is a great improvement the results are good, way to go.kaya natin tohehe..