Friday, August 3

Exercise without equipments

One of the challenges I face in working out at home is the absence of exercise equipments. My living room is tiny and my bedroom is just as small so I really can't afford to install exercise equipments. I enrolled in a gym two years ago because I wanted to workout on a treadmill, stairmaster, and the like. But the traffic going to the gym was always horrible so I end up staying home most of the time.

Guess what? I stopped going to gym and saved a lot of money doing these exercises. You won't need any equipment to do these:
  • Walking/Jogging - A pair of good running shoes (and probably a running buddy) is all you'll need and you're good to go. My nutritionist advised at least 30 minutes of jogging or an hour of walking a day as a cardio workout.
  • Dancing - I love dancing and aerobics. Although I also dance through playing Just Dance on the Wii, I also discovered Zumba videos on Youtube. Look for goddesserna on Youtube and check out her dance videos.
  • Jumping jacks - I discovered that, at 189 lbs, I almost burn 4 calories per jump. I try to jump at least 100 times to burn as much as 400 calories or just 50 jumps when I get to do other cardio exercises.
  • Squats - Squats are good for toning the hips and buttocks and I always do at least 50 squats a day.
So the next time you scan the Slatwall Panels of your favorite sport equipment store, think about the money you'll be saving by sticking to this list instead.

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