Wednesday, August 8

Prevent infection from leptospirosis

How's everyone? The torrential monsoon rains have caused major flooding in my beloved town once again. It was like having Ondoy happen all over again. And because it's inevitable for most of us to walk in the flood, I thought of sharing with you this infographic on how to prevent infection from leptospirosis.

Please click the photo for a larger view.
Photo courtesy of the Health Sciences Program of Ateneo de Manila University.
Leptospirosis has been noted as the fourth top disease outbreak in the Philippines and this has been attributed largely to Typhoon Ondoy. Symptoms in the advanced stage include hemorrhages in the skin and the mucous membranes which is why it can be deadly.  

I'm thankful that work in private offices was suspended yesterday by the government.  At least, they would not  need to wade in flood waters just to get home.  However, this is not the case for other workers especially in the health industry.  Hope they kept their dickies scrubs in the closet and dressed down and be ready to brave the floods.

Stay safe and dry!

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