Friday, September 20

What if I took up a music course?

"What if I took up a music course in college?" This is one of the many "what ifs" in my life. I love music and I had lots of fun singing and playing the piano when I was younger. I have little formal training because my parents could not afford the lessons and I don't hate them for that. As young as I was then, I already knew I couldn't make a living with music.

But hearing my boy compliment my singing made me re-think and remember this "what if." People compliment my singing but it's a different feeling when I heard it from Rap. He said I should've been a singer and I should've joined singing contests to get famous. I told him that he will be the one to continue that dream. That's why we enroll him in in piano and voice lessons while we can still afford it. I think he has a better future in music than me.

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2 sweet comments:

Meikah said...

With you son being musically inclined, am sure may pinagmanahan. ;) But it's not too late you know! 

Mommy Pehpot said...

ay hindi ko pa narinig! mag upload na ng vid!