Wednesday, August 28

Fighting heart disease with health devices

Research on cardiovascular disease began in earnest in the mid-1900s. Jerry Morris did studies with occupational data on health for heart disease. Doctors and scientists joined the cause and by the 1970s, the numbers of people dying from some form of cardiovascular trouble dropped dramatically in many parts of the world. The trend of fighting heart disease by medical treatment and healthy lifestyle habits has spawned an industry promoting heart health. While heart disease is still common in many countries around the world today, people are dying at a much slower rate than before the 1970s in a big part because of the coordination of medicine and healthy lifestyle products and incentives currently on the market.

Many devices are developed and sold by manufacturers in the medical industry that help people exercise and monitor their heart condition. These products are sold in department stores, drug stores and online such as the heart rate sports watches from Although the sales of exercise and medical equipment do experience some rises and falls, the industry is a steady one for the most part. In the years to come, people will still need to take steps to prevent cardiovascular disease and will purchase items that help them get the exercise they need while monitoring their heart condition.


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