Monday, December 5

What I want for Christmas

Just the other day, my husband asked me what I want to receive from Christmas. I blurted out, "new eyeglasses and a bluetooth headset." Honestly, these are not wants but needs. I'm scheduled to have my eyes checked and I'm certain that my eye grade has become worse. I also need a bluetooth headset for my Galaxy Tab so I won't have a hard time answering calls.

After a while, I realized that I can go through Christmas this year without these. My original plan was to wait for my writing check so I can buy these things for myself though it would really be a blessing if my husband gives these to me on Christmas eve, hehehe.

But seriously, what I really want to receive this Christmas is happiness and peace within our family. I'm not really into writing about very personal stuff so I won't elaborate further. Let's just say that, I won't be spending this Christmas with someone I truly love and respect. I pray that everything between us goes back to normal soon.

What do you want for Christmas? Is it a new gadget like an xbox headset, perhaps? Or do we share the same wish?

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1 sweet comments:

genevierefreedman said...

i can relate to this post.  want to spend christmas with someone special that my baby misses badly and there is something i NEED