Tuesday, December 6

My Little Bach

Rap has been having private piano lessons at home since June. I'm so happy to see a huge improvement in his piano playing and I feel that the money we spent in buying him a new electric keyboard and paying his teacher is all worth it. He can now play Bach's "Minuet" perfectly.

His teacher is planning a recital for her students supposed to be this December. But my boy has been so busy with his exams and extra-curricular activities that I asked to have it moved by February.

Like youngest brother, my son is musically-gifted and he can learn how to play instruments easily. He also wants to learn how to play the guitar but I told him to perfect his piano skills first. Anyway, they also study basic guitar playing in school. For now, I told him to be contented with his Guitar Hero and his gibson flying v playing Guitar Hero character, hehehe.

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