Monday, August 1

Working Out with Just Dance 2

Even before netizens witnessed the adorable 3-year old twins, Justin and Jeremy Garcia, dancing to "Hey 'Ya" on Youtube, I watched my 3-year old niece, Gabby, dance to "Ring My Bell" during one of our Skype video calls (she's in the UK). She's so crazy over that song and the others included in "Just Dance," a dance video game for XBox and Wii. I bought myself the "Just Dance 2" disc the other day and I'm having so much fun, too!

Currently, "Big Girl (Your Are Beautiful)" by Mika is my favorite. I guess you know why, haha! Watch and dance if you must!

"Just Dance 2" provided me the variety that I've been craving for in my Wii workout. What I do now is 2 days each of Wii Fit Plus, Zumba dance videos, and "Just Dance 2." Just an hour each morning to make me active and sweat. I think it's working in keeping the weight off and my blood pressure low and stable. I also started to be more serious in just eating a cup of rice a day.

My latest Wii Fit Plus Body Test indicated a 4 pound weight loss but I'm not that happy yet. I still have a long way to go. This is what I get for not being consistent in my weight loss goals. This time, I'm not taking any diet supplement and weight loss pill. Just good 'ol diet and exercise.

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