Sunday, July 24

Nicotine Patch Using Scalar Energy

Two weeks ago, we were talking about nicotine patches and how it can help one quit smoking. I was actually thinking about the transdermal nicotine patch that smokers who want to quit usually get. I was surprised though when my father-in-law showed us a nicotine patch that is stuck to the cigarette box and not to the smoker's skin. It looked something like this:

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I was informed that the patch uses scalar energy and can also eliminate the hazards of radiation from using cellular phones. The houseboy bought one patch and has been using it for a week now. He says that it does work for him and that the cigarettes have started to become tasteless for him. So, I guess it's effective. I just don't know if it will work the same for macanudo cigars, though.

These patches are sold for 550 pesos a piece. Let me know if you're interested to buy one. :)

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