Thursday, August 4

Smart's Unli Postpaid Plan 599

After more than a decade of maintaining a prepaid Smart line, I finally decided to subscribe to a postpaid plan. I'm glad I waited for this cool offer. I availed of the 599 peso unlimited call and text plan, by the way. Most of my contacts have Smart numbers so it's really a big convenience for me. All I presented was my SSS card and my credit card. I got the phone the same day and the number was activated after a few hours.

The Nokia C1-01 unit came with the plan. But since the unit is too "low tech" for my needs, I decided to just give this to my mom. I was planning to buy her a new phone anyway. Unlike me, she needs a simple phone that's just enough for her to call and text.

I am praying for more writing projects so I can pay for my monthly subscription! I hope I won't need to apply for payday loans to pay my monthly bill, haha!

Smart's Unli Postpaid Plan 299 (unlimited texts) and 599 (unlimited calls and texts) promo will only run until October 7, 2011.

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