Sunday, August 7

Hello, painful swollen toe!

Sometimes, my mind gets too preoccupied to make me forget that I should make sure my feet are in (toes and all) before I close the door. Ouch! This happened to me yesterday and now my smallest toe of my right foot is swollen and painful. I admit that I am careless when it comes to my safety which makes me too accident prone.

Good thing that I didn't close the car door with all my might or else things could have gotten worse. The toe is still black and blue but I can move it which means I did not do much damage. LOL! It does sound weird that I'm talking about myself doing damage to my own body!

By the way, the only medication I applied was Oleia oil and it gave me instant relief. I'm glad that I did not hurt my promise ring finger so I can still blog about it!

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