Thursday, July 21

My Health Update: UTI, sinus tachycardia, and essential hypertension

I got my lab tests results already. As it turned out, my blood sugar level is within normal range as expected because I've been taking my metformin meds regularly again after every meal. My HDL and LDL levels are also in the normal range and it's a big improvement from the last time when I was prescribed with Simvastatin to lower my bad cholesterol. However, my SGPT and SGOT levels rose beyond the normal range which just shows that my liver is having problems.

Aside from that, my urine showed both +3 for blood and protein. The proteinuria, I'm not at all surprised because it has always been like that for two years now. I was surprised though when my urine showed blood. Doc says I have a urinary tract infection even if I'm not feeling any symptoms. I was ordered to take in 500 mg of Ciprofloxacin twice a day for 7 days.

As for the cardio part, my ECG results showed a heart rate of between 96 to 101 beats/minute. Very typical of sinus tachycardia where the heart rate is beyond 100 beats/minute. Now I understand why I've been palpitating lately. My blood pressure that day (which was exactly a week after my last visit) was again at 140/100. But since my cholesterol levels were ok, doc calls it essential hypertension. I was given Amlodipine which I have to take for a month. My blood pressure should go back to normal by that time, or else, I'll have to take Amlodipine as part of my maintenance meds.

Since I have to lower my weight and blood pressure, I started on working out with Zumba. They say that it is the most enjoyable cardio workout. Indeed, I'm having so much fun dancing! I'm also going back to my Wii Fit routine.

As for the diet, I'm already eating rice only in the morning and just salad greens with apple cider vinaigrette and crackers for lunch and dinner. In between meals, I either snack on apples or bananas. Yep, I am now eating bananas. It's still a struggle taking it in but I'm getting there.

Hope everything will pay off in a month. I'm still waiting for the results of my full abdomen ultrasound. Wish me luck!

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