Friday, July 15

It All Ends

Wee, it's Friday! Our Harry Potter day! We weren't able to watch yesterday because it's a school night and I just had to resist reading reviews of the film. People say it's good and it did justice to all the seven films that were shown beforehand. My boy is feeling quite happy-sad about it. He's the real Harry Potter fanatic in the family. He has all the books and the original DVDs except these last two films.

I'm leaving early this afternoon to fetch my boy from school and bring him to his Kumon class. Then, we'll meet our husband at Robinson's Galleria. I hope the line at the ticket area wouldn't be that long but it's payday today so that would be near to impossible. Maybe I should just buy tickets this early and window shop for digital cameras for sale while waiting.

Isn't it obvious that I'm so excited? Well, aren't you?

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