Monday, May 2

Human Growth Hormone and Diabetes

Editing health entries for my wiki project led me to some researching about the human growth hormone (HGH), somatotropin. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland which is responsible for growth and muscle build up. Thus, it's but normal to read about athletes taking HGH supplements to aid them in getting rid of fat and developing their bodies.

One characteristic of somatrotropin that got my attention was the existence of research pointing to insulin resistance or even a rare form of Type 2 diabetes from too much HGH intake. However, I have also read an article about a Swedish endocrinologist claiming that his patients blood glucose levels improved after 6 months of HGH therapy. Then again, his patients initially suffered from insulin resistance in the early months of therapy. Meanwhile, a study apparently done at John Hopkins claim that the elderly may benefit from controlled HGH therapy.

It's still kind of a blur to me. Some of the articles available in the internet are just too complicated to read. My honest advise is always to consult your doctor and read hgh reviews first before trying anything. Diabetics cannot take risks.

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