Wednesday, May 4

Pesky Garden Mosquitoes

When we were just starting to plan for our garden and our pocket garden, I envisioned a place where I can relax at the end of the day maybe have a drink or two with the husband before retiring to bed. All was well for a few months until recently when we noticed the number of mosquitoes flying in the area especially at night.

They aren't dengue-carrying mosquitoes and I'm sure of that. My mom-in-law tells me that they are just garden mosquitoes who love breading in leafy and bushy spots. Still, they bite and mosquito bites for me are always serious. I instructed the house boy to spray garden insecticide everyday so we can lessen the number of mosquitoes flying around. I guess we can't really get rid of all of them.

Hay, at least I'm still lucky I just have a small garden to look after. Just imagine if I have a big lawn. Aside from scouting toro lawn mowers I may be also buying gallons of garden insecticide.

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