Tuesday, April 26

Stop and smell the flowers

I often hear the phrase "stop and smell the flowers," yet I never come to appreciate it until last Holy Week. I initially planned to have some quiet time by the beach but Laiya proved to be too noisy for me that night of Maundy Thursday. I was only able to have to think and reflect when we arrived at Villa Martha, Nagcarlan, Laguna on Good Friday.

Being at the foot of Mount Banahaw, cellphone signals over there were intermittent. It was a good thing, really, because I was able to finally detach myself from my gadgets. Even the husband was happy to just relax and stop worrying about office issues. That night, I was able to pray and reflect as I hear the rushing water of the brook in the background. I woke up the following morning recharged, happy, and ready for another challenging day.

I watched a scene from the movie, How Do You Know where Lisa (Reese Witherspoon) asked the panicking and problematic George (Paul Rudd) to shut up and just let them eat their meal in silence. Although it sounded kinda absurd for a first date, it was actually therapeutic for George because he was able to just think and listen to what his soul has to say.

I think I have to do that more. I'm always busy with work, managing the house, and bringing Rap to and from his summer classes that the only time I get to allot for myself is 6 hours of sleep. I better start to "stop and smell the flowers." But before that, I think it's best that I plant some gerbera daisies in our front yard for me to smell, LOL!

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