Sunday, April 24

Sandals for the diabetic

I love sandals! Not only are they comfy but they also allow my feet to breathe. Then again, being a diabetic with sensitive feet, I just don't buy sandals on a whim. I have to choose carefully a pair that's not stylish but also practical for me to use.

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Here are some things I consider in buying sandals for myself:

  • It must be comfortable. The soles and straps should be soft so that I'd not get corns and calluses that could be the start of serious wounds.  This is the reason why I often go for rubber sandals and not too much on leather ones.
  • There should be enough ventilation for my feet. I get sweaty feet especially in this hot weather. I don't want to have wounds from athlete's foot so I prefer open toed or open soled sandals.
  • They should be light. I do a lot of walking whenever I'm out of the house. Having light sandals makes walking easier and less tiring.

Being a diabetic makes me think thrice before heading on to the womens sandals section of the department store. It pays to choose wisely because having wounds, especially on the feet, is no simple matter.

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