Thursday, April 21

NIVEA Sun lets you have fun in the sun!

As of this writing, I and the boys are in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas where we'll spend the night of this Maundy Thursday. It was a long drive from our place and my boy wasn't able to wait till it's not so sunny before he persuaded me to go to the beach with him. I wasn't that too worried, anyway. Because I had with me NIVEA Sun products that were sent to me yesterday. It's as if the gorgeous peeps from NIVEA just knew that we were going to the beach today! Galing 'no?

Nivea Sun protection line
(L-R) NIVEA Sun Whitening Face Cream SPF 50, NIVEA Sun Moisturizing After Sun Spray,
and NIVEA Sun Maximum Protection Lotion SPF 50.

NIVEA Sun Maximum Protection Lotion SPF 50 offers immediate sun protection. There's no need to wait for 20 minutes after application before going under the sun. It's definitely helpful especially when you're a mom like me with a boy that's just so excited to swim in the waters. It's not sticky like the other sunscreen brands that we've tried because it's quickly absorbed by the skin. It's water resistant, too.

Protecting my face from the harmful rays of the sun is always my utmost concern. Thankfully, NIVEA Sun Whitening Face Cream also has SPF 50 which gives me the assurance that I won't get sunburned and that I won't earn premature skin ageing from staying out in the sun. Aside from being not too sticky, it's formulation also has Licorice extract that helps lighten skin and reduces melanin production.

Now, I don't normally buy after sun spray products for us because we usually just put on lotion after taking a shower. But I discovered that using NIVEA Sun Moisturising After Sun Spray is way better that that! The boys loved the fact that it gives a cooling sensation once applied. And unlike lotion, it has a light, almost milky, formulation that it is just perfect during this hot summer season.

Again, thanks to NIVEA for sending me these. Hope you also get to try them.

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