Friday, March 4

Sick, Tired, Overworked, Sorry

This week was the worst of weeks in terms of my health. I caught the flu bug last weekend which left me sniffling, coughing, and fighting a 40 degree fever. I even felt so bad for not being well enough to welcome my husband back from his week-long business trip. I had plans of cooking something special because he missed eating my home-cooked meals. Instead, he came home seeing me sick.

But what's worse is that I'm still not well enough to run this Sunday in the Run United 1 2011. I think that one of the major reasons why I got sick was because I overworked myself in training my running legs. Plus, I had to be the one to get my boy from school every day. Not to mention this crazy weather we're having right now.

I'm still coughing and my nose is still clogged. It's better to miss the race than finding myself lying in a hospital bed surrounded by medical carts, don't you think? Anyway, my boy's still pushing through with his 500-m dash. I'll still be there to take photos and show moral support.

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Brownpinay said...

I am also sick and to think it is our 18th wedding aniv...we will just be staying home and I will just think of how to make it special..

Its already 12:37AM but here I am blog hopping...My throat is really aching and the more that I cannot sleep...yo be productive here I am visiting friends and reading your posts.
Brown Pinay
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