Thursday, March 3

Insured for a year

I just received my complimentary personal accident insurance plan which I signed during the Sunpiology event that I attended in November last year. I am glad to have received the plan even just for a year because I really need to have one at least until my husband's new company finally grants us our health cards.

I am actually fond of insurance plans. You'll never know when an accident or a medical emergency will happen so it's best to always be ready. Besides, there are many affordable insurance plans nowadays. For those who are on a budget, a term life insurance is a good choice. Investopedia defines it as "a policy with a set duration limit on the coverage period." Once the plan matures, the investor can choose to renew it or not. Some term life insurance plans even have an amount of money that the investor can claim once the plan has matured.

It's best to look for an insurance agent to have the full details of term life insurance explained to you should you be interested to get one. Don't forget to shop around and settle with the most affordable yet with the most comprehensive package. Freebies are definitely a plus, too.

Thanks again to Sun Life Financial for this accident insurance!

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