Sunday, March 6

Why I Got Myself A Credit Card

Believe it or not, I know people who do not want to have a credit card. They feel it's kinda risky to be carrying plastic money. My brother, on the other hand, isn't that confident with his finances and he doesn't want having debt that he stays away from credit card agents.

When I was still teaching in preschool six years ago, a credit card agent came to our school and offered us application forms. I filled it up and my application was immediately approved. I'm still carrying that card from the same bank. I think I reaped more rewards than risks and losses in having a credit card.

Here are a few reasons why I decided to get one:

  • I wanted to build credit. I needed to be credit worthy and I think this is one of the reasons why our housing and car loans got approved easily. I haven't applied for any personal loans yet because I honestly can't afford paying for one. I strive to maintain my being credit worthy by paying my bills on time and paying the whole monthly dues whenever I can.
  • I wanted to be able to buy plane tickets online. Yes, my husband and I love to travel but we only travel when we have extra money to spare. It is just convenient to be able to buy tickets and other products online with a credit card. Oh, I also pay for my domain renewal and site hosting with my credit card.
  • I wanted to enjoy the perks offered by my credit card company. I earn miles for every Php 33 pesos I spend. I also get to exchange my charge slips with SM gift cheques or Starbucks treats.
  • I wanted to have something I can use for emergency purchases. Thankfully, I haven't used my card yet for this purpose. Emergency purchases for me will have to include my maintenance meds and extra hospital charges.
Having a credit card is not risky. It doesn't always have to end up with you being in deep debt if you know how to handle your finances wisely.

Do you have a credit card? What are your reasons for getting one?

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Marhgil said...

before, i used my credit card during emergencies only, like this one. But now, I used it for paying for grocery, for shopping, for gas. It's convenient, no need to bring too much cash in my wallet. And since my card is tied to my online bank account, paying the bills is easy. of course, i also control my expenses and always pay the credit card bills on time.