Wednesday, March 2

Electrolux brings Hälsa (Health and Wellness) into your home

For years, homemakers around the world have trusted Electrolux to be a brand of quality especially when it comes to home appliances. From the first Lux vacuum cleaner that the company sold in 1919, their roster of products have grown to include refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioning units. This afternoon, Electrolux launched its Hälsa line of air conditioners.

Hälsa, which is the Swedish word for health and wellness, is very-well suited for this new line of air conditioners. Not only do Electrolux Hälsa air conditioners cool the air but also purify it to give the family a complete wellness experience within the home.

Elctrolux Hälsa air conditioners employ these air purifying technologies:
  • Bio HEPA Filter - Traps and destroys very fine particles of dust, bacteria, fungi,and microbes.
  • Plasma Air Purification Technology - Cleanses the air of impurities.
  • Vitamin C technology - Releases nano particles of pure Vitamin C into the air to fight free radicals that cause cell damage.
  • Gold Fin Protection technology - Able to withstand the elements because of its unique golden coating. It also has a Golden Bio Evaporator that prevents bacteria from breeding in the unit and spreading into your home.

The Electrolux Hälsa line comes in split-type, window-type, and air cooler formats. For more informaation about Electrolux Hälsa and other Elextrolux products, kindly visit or their Facebook page.

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